Hey folks, Xiaomi released a Android 5.1 Lollipop based MIUI 7 update for Xiaomi RedMi 2 & RedMi 2 Prime. Many of users started getting the OTA Updates, but maximum people still didn’t got the update. If you are one from those lucky people who got the OTA update then great, install the update & enjoy. But if you are one from those who didn’t got the update then don’t worry. Here we are going to tell you that how you can install lollipop update in your RedMi 2/Prime.

Prerequisites :

• A fast internet connection to download the update file which is around 700MB
Atleast 70% battery in your device
• Patience

How to Install MIUI Lollipop Update Manually :

Download OTA Update Zip (Click Me)
• Place zip in Internal SD Card but not in any folder
• Go to Settings
• Go to About Phone


• Go to System Updates


• Click on 3 dots which are on upper right side


• Click on Choose update package


• Now locate to the OTA Zip file

It will automatically boot you into recovery mode and will start flashing the update package. Wait for a while it will reboot your device automatically.

Note : First boot will take several minutes, so keep calm yourself. After that, Enjoy Lollipop with richness of MIUI.

Want some screenshots? There you go,

Screenshots :







Review :

The lollipop update didn’t bring any new feature in MIUI. But, It improved many things. The most improved thing that we can easily notice in this new update is the overall performance & smoothness of the whole UI. Now we can have much free RAM than KitKat Based MIUI. It will be too early to say anything about battery but yeah we can hope that it will have a improved performance too. Xiaomi also fixed many issues regarding the Themes. They had also done a great job on Camera. Now camera takes even more better images. And another important thing is KitKat based MIUI on RedMi was 32 bit, but now this lollipop update is 64 bit. So you”ll get a full utilization of 64 bit processor.

We”ll give you a full review very soon. So, stay tuned here.

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Video & Screenshots Courtesy : Tejender Gaur & Kamal Dixit


  1. Is it possible to update from KitKat 4.1 to marshmallow without going through lollypop
    I have heard of problems after update on Nexus 5???

  2. Does notification/status bar get immerse with apps like whatsapp, gmail, facebook etc. ? Cuz in kitkat based miui status bar happened to be black in most of the apps.

  3. My device is redmi 2 prime with 1gb ram I updated my version to miui 8 and I wanted to update my android version from kitkat to lolipop is it possible please help me

    • If there is any update available for your device then you can do that. But if not then root your device, flash TWRP recovery and flash any marshmallow or lollipop based ROM like, CM12.1, CM13, RR, AICP etc.

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