According to rumors, Android N is going to release on August 5, 2016. So, before the release we have got some rumors of new Nexus Launcher in Android Nougat. The launcher looks quite nice. It don.t have any app drawer button, that means to open app drawer we have to use up-gesture on homescreen. If you remember Android Froyo, they you probably know what I am saying. I seriously loved this new launcher. So, today we are presenting you apk of Nexus launcher. We have given the screenshots & direct download link below.


App Drawer
App Drawer
App Search
App Search

So, in screenshots you can clearly see that we have a new interface in launcher. The Google Now search bar is also replaced with Google icon. The clock is permanently fixed there along with the Google now icon. So basically it saves a lot of space.


Note :

  • The original launcher may look different from this one
  • This is not the official apk
  • This may have some bugs
  • You may get force stops in your device
  • Do give it a try, it’s nice.

Click here to download Nexus Launcher.

Click here to download Wallpaper Chooser Force Stop Fix


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