Hello Guys! As of now many of you have rooted your Android phone & many of you have flashed Custom ROMs in it. But many of you don’t know how to flash a ROM in a correct way. A ROM needs a perfect & clean installation. If you will not do that you can get issues, sometimes very serious issues.

What is a Clean Installation?
A clean installation stands for everything wiped before flashing the ROM.

Why ROM needs a clean installation?
A ROM needs a clean installation because if you will not do it the two ROMs ( One which is already installed & second which you have flashed) will conflict each other. And will give you different issues.

What issues I can get after a dirty install?
If you flash a ROM in a dirty way than you can get various issues:-
• Unknown Baseband
• Invalid IMEI
• NVRAM Error
• Unknown MAC Address
• Minor or Major Lags
• Freezes during use of phone
• Performance & Battery issues
• App force stop issues
• Auto Reboot issues
• Bootloops

Note:- These issues can be found also when you have done a clean installation. It is due to the ROM Bugs.

Which method we usually does while flashing the ROM?
•Go to Recovery
•Wipe Data/Factory Reset
•Wipe Cache
•Go to Advance
•Wipe Dalvik Cache
•Choose Zip from SD Card
•Select zip & flash

And by this method we gets many issues.

So to solve this problem here we have created a simple & easy guide for you. Now you will never get issues due to wrong installation methods.


Correct Installation Method


From CWM/CTR/COT/Philz :
• Go to recovery
• Wipe Data/Factory Reset
• Wipe Cache
• Wipe Dalvik Cache
• Format System
• Format Data
• Format Cache
• Install Zip From SD Card
• Select ROM Zip & Flash
• Now flash any extra zip if needed like Gapps/Fixations
• Now Reboot & wait for the first boot.

From TWRP Recovery :
• Go to recovery
• Click on Wipe
• Factory Reset (Swipe)
• Click on Advance
• Tick on System & Swipe
• Tick on Data & Swipe
• Tick on Cache & Swipe
• Click on Install
• Select ROM Zip & Flash
• Now flash any extra zip if needed like Gapps/Fixations
• Now Reboot & wait for the first boot.


When you are updating

• Download the Zip of Update of your ROM (Like CyanogenMod Nightlies)
• Go to Recovery
• Wipe Cache & Dalvik Cache
• Now just flash the ROM Update Zip.
• Reboot & wait for the first boot.

1. The above method applies only when you are updating the same ROM like if you are installing a CM Nightly.

  1. Updating your ROM by this method will not wipe your installed app & data.

So guys this was the pefect & safest method to flash a ROM. So guys now you will never get any issue due to dirty installations.



  1. I have a galaxy Note 4 I went tho update in the programming menu and accidentally took out my, operating system. How do I go about installing a new one. My phablet
    Was rooted & unlocked

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