Google has introduced two new apps in Google I/O 2016. Google called them Allo & Duo. Allo is an instant messaging app and Duo is an video calling app.


Allo is a new messaging app from Google. Instead of making Hangouts better, they launched Allo with some amazing features and functionalities. Google claimed that the new messaging app Allo is better and faster than any other messaging app. Allo features a auto reply functionality, which was first introduced in Google Inbox app. This feature helps you to reply quickly without typing anything. It has a Google virtual assistant, that will learn how and what you type for different-different messages. The more you use Allo, more it will learn new things and more it will give you perfect suggestions while typing. Like if you gets a message from someone with "Hello" and usually you reply with "Hey" than it will give you suggestion of that "Hey". So, it makes work easier. Google assistant will also helps the user to search Hotels, Restaurants, Maps, YouTube videos, Google Translate or any other place directly from the app itself. Allo also allows users to increase/decrease your text size. Allo is also very easy to setup. All need to do is simply use your phone number and done. After that you can also connect to your Google Account. This app also has an incognito chat mode, which has End-To-End encryption feature that let's you chat in a secure way.


Duo is a new video calling app that was introduced along with Allo to compete with other apps like IMO, WeChat, Line & Skype. Google claimed that this app will work smoothly in slow networks as well. Google developed this app by keeping countries like India in mind, where users don't have much faster internet speed. This app gives you HD Real time video calling experience. However, if network is slow then the app can adjust the quality according to network speed to give users a smooth video calling experience. The app has an amazing new feature called Knock Knock. Basically, this feature allows you to give a preview of caller before picking up the call. And it is also works in real time. So, whenver you pick up a call you can seamlessly start you video chat session like a normal app. So, this feature will not only show the name of caller, it will also show his/her identity. This app also has End-To-End encryption just like Allo. That means you are totally secure.

Google said that, this app will available very soon for both Android & iOS devices.

If you have any concern about these apps, please let us know. You can drop your suggestions & questions in comments down below.

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