Here in the Android One users community, everyone is eagerly waiting for the Android Nougat update for 1st gen devices. But seems like Google is stepping back from its promise of giving updates to their devices up to 2 Years.The first Android one device was available to buy from September 2014. Yes! you must be thinking that the 2 years time period is over now, but don’t forget that many other android one devices like One X by Evercoss Indonesia & Cherry Mobile One outside the India were launched in February, June and July 2015. That means the 2 years time period is still not over for these devices.

As of now we can’t see any hope of getting an official N OTA update. Cherry mobile announced that they will give the update just after the release of Android Nougat, but we can clearly see there isn’t any update available. This thing breaks the hope. But recently an Indonesian manufacturer Evercoss, finally teased the Nougat update for its android one 1st gen device Evercoss One X on their official Facebook page.

Evercoss Facebook Post
Post On Evercoss Official Facebook Page

As you can see in the above Facebook post of Evercoss Indonesia, they are clearly talking about the Android Nougat update. That means we can surely expect an update for the respective device very soon. This news shouldn’t be fake because Evercoss Indonesia posted the same thing on their official Twitter handle. Checkout the below image.

Evercoss Twitter post
Post on offical Twitter handle of Evercoss

We can’t say about ETA, but still it should be around the end of November 2016. This update can change many things for Android one community. It will help a lot to get a stable CM14/CM14.1 for the device.

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