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As our slogan says, TechFlue is “Your Tech Destination”. We are a group of young blogger, tech enthusiasts & developers around the globe. We at TechFlue, helps you to reach the whole tech world in few clicks only. TechFlue provides you latest tech news, gadget specifications and reviews. We also brings you the latest apps and ROMs.

We also loves to write on Blogging & SEO guides, tips, tricks & hacks. Our writers also focus on reviewing the latest custom ROMs for various devices. TechFlue also has a channel on YouTube where we produce videos on App reviews, ROM reviews, Gadget reviews and other tips and tricks.

TechFlue.com is growing very fast day by day. It serves thousands of visitors like you monthly & we love what we are doing. TechFlue is proudly hosted on Cloud Axis.



TechFlue was founded in May, 2015 by an 18 years old high school student “Vipul Jha“. It took several months to publicly launch the website. So after a long break, website went live September 18, 2015. But in November, 2016 our website went down because of a massive DDOS attack on our server. After this attack, we lost our database. Everything messed up. It took almost a month to live the website again on a new and powerful server. We relaunched the website on it’s first anniversary September 18, 2016. We lost many visitors, even many of our posts got un-indexed from search engines like Google. It took many days to settle down the things to normal. Now everything seems to be going fine so far.